Looks or function in bar furniture?

When you own a bar you want people to come and spend time in your place, have a drink and relax. That after all is why you opened a bar. You are in the business of providing a relaxing place for people to socialise and have a drink.

You want your bar to be popular so that people come often that your business can be profitable. So the question every bar owner asks is whether to go for functional bar furniture or to concentrate on looks. First of all you have to think of your target market; what do you hope to achieve and what group of clientele you want to attract.

Cater to your clients

If you wish to create a minimalistic bar-lounge, your type of furniture should be very specific with sleek lines. When you want to create a contemporary bar you would concentrate more on functional bar furniture. At Cafe Reality we understand that there are many different groups of clients to cater for.

That is why we offer a wide selection that would allow you to furnish your bar in whatever style you prefer. The main criteria for all bar furniture are that your clients must be able to sit comfortably and relax.

You need to make them feel welcome. Squeezing in too many pieces of bulky bar furniture is not a good idea. You need to balance the furniture you choose with the actual room size so people can move about easily. Look at your bar critically and see if what you plan to buy is practical for the space and will be appealing to your clients.

Posted by: Cafe Reality

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