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Lets ‘Hygge’ A Look at the Scandinavian Style

July 26th 2023

The popular Scandinavian style started to emerge in the 20th century, the style consists of clean and simple looks, sleek lines and inviting aesthetics. The look boomed in the 1950s and has been sought after ever since. The style originated from the Scandinavian subregions including Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Also Nordic countries Finland and Iceland have also had a great impact on the style over the years.

The distinctive look has taken inspiration from natural elements. The presence of water is clear in the designs, which can include lines and shapes taken from algae, shells and the sea with hints of blue and green. Wood also has a big presence in the Scandinvaion interior, and rooms are filled with wood such as birch and pine. This can include design pieces, floors and furniture. This also creates a beautiful contrast with white walls and neutral colours. The presence of nature in Scandinavian design brings calming tones and clean lines and from the outdoors. The tranquil interiors can have a soothing effect, which is sought after in the world we live in today. The style is associated with wellbeing and it is proven that our environment can have a great impact on how we think and feel.

The designs are minimal with an interest in deculttering. The interiors open up with organic materials and utilise natural light to create an inviting space with a light and airy atmosphere. The light walls open up the space and expands natural light, bringing a sense of warmth and cosines into the room. Simplicity is at the heart of the designs, with well thought out decor pieces and open spaces.

Scandinavian style furniture has simple lines and use natural materials, using natural elements and craftmanship. Scandinavian design from the mid century has a big impact on furniture design today. You may have heard of the infamous 'Wishbone chair' designed by Hans J Wagner. The Danish design chair has a signature curved back and armrest that hugs you and a Y shape back. Each chair is manufactured carefully with 100 steps to completion, mostly by hand and dedicated craftmenship.

The rope seating is made with 120 metres of paper chord. Although the chair has a contemporary and elegant look, the chairs are also long-lasting and and strong. Another iconic piece is the 'Egg Chair' by Danish designer and architect Arne Jacobsen. This infamous chair was a feature piece in his interior design of the SAS Royal hotel in 1960 and since then the chair has kept it's iconic status. Instead of creating a chair with a steel or a wooden frame, the chair was shaped in a hard foam material and then padded and upholstered to complete the cosy and contempary look.

The Scandinavian look has been around for many years, and it has been made popular by IKEA, who have kept up to date with the styles and collaborated with big name designers. The look can also be recognisable as the designs use simple shapes such as circles and squares and clean lines. The look has evolved over a long period of time introducing more colours and looks. You may see more maximilistic designs today, with new cutting edge designers having a great impact on the style.

In recent years the Scandinavian look and feel has become popular in café and restaurant interiors. We offer a free 3d visualisation service which can bring your space to life ahead of the procurement process. For more information give us a call or drop us a line today.

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