Kattencafe Kopjes: Purrfect Company

A few friends of mine recently holidayed in Amsterdam. I know, where was my invite?! Asking what they did out there and what sites they saw, they explained to me that they did everything tourist-like, of course, but also visited a “Cat Café”. Intrigued as to what one of these was, I discovered that they are fast becoming a very popular trend in the café industry.

The original “Cat Café” stemmed from a café set up in Tapai, Taiwan. The Cat Flower Garden was set up in 1998 and since, they have spread worldwide. There are 40 in Tokyo alone and now they have reached Europe. They are cafes which are set up for cat lovers to enjoy an afternoon tea or coffee surrounded by the company of rescued cats. A great idea to keep cats out of harm’s way.

Seeing the success in New York, London and Paris, Kattencafe Kopjes opened in Amsterdam in April and has attracted hundreds of visitors already! The payment for entry ensures that the cats are kept safe and warm and the café owners offer lovely cakes and fantastic “catuccinos”, in addition to the company of 8 affectionate furry friends, inside.

Kopjes is a place where you leave excited and feel lucky. Cats, coffee and cake in what seems like a jacket of love, what more do you want?”


The cats are allowed to roam around the room freely, following strict guidelines to ensure health and safety and hygiene standards are met. Kopjes ensures this with the use of several play areas that are connected with bridges, platforms and tunnels, allowing them to climb all over the walls. This keeps them away from the customers when they aren’t in the mood for small talk!


There are several gifts that Kopjes offers guests to buy as souvenirs. These gifts range from T-shirts and gift cards to sweaters and bags with the slogan “You’ve Cat to be Kitten Me Right Meow”. I haven’t seen any of these yet, but I would not be surprised if I saw my friend Sally rock up wearing the jumper!


I have it on good authority that it was her idea to go to the café in the first place, so obviously I had to ask for a review from herself personally:

“For somebody who can be, and has often been, characterized with the ‘crazy cat lady stereotype’, Kattencafe Kopjes was a dream come true. Although the other sites in Amsterdam were a pleasure to visit, the café was definitely the highlight. Great cake, lovely coffee, fantastic company. Could not have loved it more”

Judging from the captain’s hat she was wearing round the maritime museum, I am assuming that must have been her second favourite site visit! The visit to Kopjes must have been a blast to be fair, fantastic idea! I am still wanting to know where my invite to Amsterdam was though…?!


Posted by: Michael Hurd

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