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Is it really that time of year again?

General Info December 3rd 2014

I swear it was months away, but nope, it’s just 22 days and counting. As we panic to acquire some last minute bargains on the local high street, kids get very excited about the prospect of the grey bearded man who goes by the name of Father Christmas, sliding down the chimney and leaving presents for Christmas Day. Today, I don’t want to focus on the children. Today, I want to focus on us. The adults!

Christmas is no doubt one of my favourite times of year. Spending time with the family, eating a large Turkey, wearing hats and telling jokes. Upon turning 18 Christmas changes. No more Bikes, no more games consoles. Now I receive clothes and socks and maybe one drink of the alcoholic kind, depending on how good I’ve been that year.

I searched endlessly for things to do around the build up to Christmas. Bungee jumping with a Christmas hat on is not what I would call festive fun, exhilarating sure, festive... Not so much.

Christmas Markets? YES!

I started my journey in Berlin, Germany. A city which is immersed in history and culture. Berlin shines in a festive blaze of lights every year during the Christmas period. There are about 80 Christmas markets to meander through and enjoy. On grand boulevards, squares and also in small side streets, with a city backdrop second to none, they’ll surprise you with their magic, charm and Christmassy delicacies. Whether thought provoking and fairy tale or trendy and urban, there's something for everyone. Endless things to do and so much to see, gluhwein and curry wurst advertised every couple of strides, Berlin combines festive cheer with history effortlessly providing anyone who visits with the perfect build up to the festive period.

It’s great to see the festive spirit coming over to the UK. Hyde Park now hosts a winter wonderland every year. Bristol has also taken to the Christmas markets, Broadmead shopping centre has now become a very popular attraction amongst shoppers and visitors alike.

If you’re unable to get yourself to a winter wonderland this year, many local establishments take the festive period very seriously. Log fires, hot chocolate, mistletoe and ‘The Pogues’ contribute throughout the country to make Christmas a very happy time for all.

Wherever you spend the festive period this year, we hope you have a great one.

On behalf of everyone at Café Reality, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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