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Ice Bars: A Cool Experience

Bar Furniture, General Info December 9th 2015

It is coming to the end of the year, Christmas is fast approaching and we are feeling the cold! If you prefer the colder temperatures then why not visit an “ice bar”? These fantastic places have originated from Jukkasiarvi in Sweden and the interiors are primarily constructed from ice. The idea of having an ice bar has become increasingly popular globally. There is even one in Dubai! Yes, you could be freezing, in the middle of a desert. Fantastic! To keep the rooms cool, they are kept at a temperature of -5 degrees and they are ideal for making great conversation. What a cool idea!

Here in the UK, there is such a bar in London. Icebar is located on Heddon Street and attracts thousands of intrigued visitors annually. The furniture, the sculptures, the bar and even the glasses that you drink out of are made from ice. The frozen water is imported from Sweden and creates the bar’s amazing interior. Customers have even mentioned that they “stick to the floor” due to the freezing conditions. Not going to be a good idea to wear sandals!

Ice Bars: A Cool Experience image 1

Subtle lighting is used within the bar. Which is mainly blue to keep to the theme. The subtle light creates an extra effect due to the reflections filtering through the natural material and allows for the illusion that you are in a frozen palace. You cannot build a snowman though (sorry Anna).

Ice Bars: A Cool Experience image 2

On entry you are supplied with a jacket and a pair of gloves (thank goodness), so you won’t have to worry about having to dress up warm if it is the middle of summer. They look rather dashing as well, but don’t be concerned about looking too hot, you won’t melt the furniture! Although, melting the seat would be less harmful than falling off it, I guess.

Ice Bars: A Cool Experience image 3

The sessions last around 45 minutes, but if they are that cold you won’t see me in there for longer than 5, okay, maybe 10 minutes if the drinks are good! According to the majority of the reviews that I have come across, this is definitely not a place to be missed:

“Something different to tell your friends about!”

“Great photo opportunities, good choice in drinks… overall very good fun.”

“Great experience and great value for money. Will definitely keep going back”

“I definitely recommend doing an Ice Bar at least once in your life, wherever it may be!”

The temperature being as low as it is creates a “buzz” as well as adding to a fantastic effect. Being so cold will reduce the level of stress that your body is under, focusing more on staying warm. There isn’t going to be a better place to chill out when you have had a long week!

Ice Bars: A Cool Experience image 4

Will definitely have to put this on the “places to visit” list of mine. Although, I am going to have to find someone who is going to be able to tolerate to going with me. I don’t do too well in the cold and apparently I am enough of a diva as it is…!

Ice Bars: A Cool Experience image 5

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