Before I begin, YES, I have gained the inspiration for today’s blog from a bestselling footballer’s autobiography (Zlatan Ibrahimović). My lunch breaks consist of three things – Food, Books and Epiphanies. Anyways…

English spring time is only a matter of days away. Which got me thinking about rattan furniture and why it’s so popular? I’ve heard of rattan furniture throughout my life time. It’s a timeless furniture style. BUT WHY?

Much of the outdoor rattan furniture on our site is manufactured from modern synthetic woven rattan, so I thought I’d give you an insight in to what it is and why it remains so popular during the spring/summer months.

At first, wicker outdoor furniture was made from material taken from Rattan Palms, trees native to tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australasia. The skin of the palm is peeled off – leaving only the core. This may seem strange, however, once the skin has been removed the rattans core becomes flexible, consequently, easier to weave. The natural rattan looks fantastic, adding real character to any outdoor area, but after a few days of wind and rain the natural rattan begins to lose its colour, becomes brittle, even to the extent of losing its shape.

So, something needed to change. Natural rattan outdoor furniture had the style, the pizazz, but its durability would always remain its achilles heel, unless this issue surrounding durability was addressed.

Enter Aesthetic Synthetic Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Everything you read above is still ingrained into the design, but now rattan furniture is durable, UV stable (it won’t fade over time), waterproof - won’t absorb moisture (no mould) and everyone’s favourite two words when combined – COST EFFECTIVE!

This means you can leave the furniture out in the garden all year-round if you wish and with a hose-down in the spring, your rattan outdoor furniture will look as good as when you first made the decision to turn to rattan! You don’t need to stain or treat the material at all, so it’s pretty much maintenance free!

A timeless aesthetic design can sometimes be overlooked when joined with a durable structure, this is definitely not the case with this furniture style.

Luxury outdoor furniture without the luxury price tag - MY CONCLUSION OF RATTAN OUTDOOR FURNITURE.

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