How to transition your café into autumn

How to transition your café into autumn

Many cafes place a big emphasis on being ready for summer, but neglect to get their café ready for the autumn. Although autumn brings colder weather, it also brings a new range of customers looking to escape the cold and enjoy some food and drink in your café. For tips on how to get your café ready for the new season, particularly in the post-lockdown environment, continue reading.

Changing cafe furniture - One of the main ways you can update your café this autumn is by changing your furniture. You may have had lightweight chairs and cafe tables for the summer months, with a possible outdoor area. However, diners want to feel cosy and warm when they’re in a café in the colder months. Therefore, consider investing in some cosy furniture such as antibacterial armchairs or sofas. Also, don't forget to choose furniture which is Covid-19 safe. Furniture which can easily be cleaned will improve the hygiene of your cafe and bring your guests peace of mind. Soft furnishings are also very important to set the right mood for your café. Purchasing cushions and blankets in autumnal colours can add a touch of warmth and cosiness to your café. Perhaps updating the wall colour or light fixtures could add another autumn touch!

Updating the menu - Your summer menu may have been full of salads, smoothies and light bites. However, with colder weather, customers tend to want something a little bit heartier. Consider offering homemade soups served with bread, or hot sandwiches and toasties to satisfy comfort food cravings. Another great way to bring autumn into your cafe is by updating your drinks list. Having a range of syrups and toppings means you can make delicious drinks such as vanilla and caramel lattes. Hot chocolates are also an autumnal classic, allowing your guests to have a delicious afternoon treat.

Keep social distancing in mind - When transitioning your café for the autumn, make sure that you still keep social distancing in mind. When choosing new furniture, be sure to position it so that there is adequate space between tables. Adding a hand sanitiser dispenser to each table is a great way to ensure cleanliness. Many cafes are now offering QR code menus. This removes the need for a physical menu and allows visitors to browse the menu on their device instead.

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Posted by: Angela Mee

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