How to create a welcoming cafe space

How to create a welcoming cafe space

Cafes can be the place for romance to bloom and business ideas to explode! As a cafe owner, it will be imperative for you to create a space that feels welcoming and relaxing to attract customers and encourage them to visit time and again. 

We feel that there are many different aspects of cafe design that should be considered when creating the space and atmosphere required to allow people the sense of relaxation. From the food and drinks that you offer to the artwork on the walls, you can put so much of your own personality and preferences into how your cafe looks and feels.

Below we’ve listed our top tips to help you create a cafe space that is welcoming to your customers, so that it becomes their go to for a warm, relaxing environment, and a place they can introduce to friends.

Who’s your customer? Who your customer is will impact how you can make your cafe feel like a welcoming space. If you have mainly older people visiting your cafe, you will want to ensure the space feels cosy, with a more neutral colour palette. You’ll also want to ensure your furniture is comfy but practical, so that your customers are comfortable using it.

If you’re in a busy commuter location, you’re likely to be welcoming customers into your cafe who are dashing in for a quick drink, or breakfast – often to go – on their way to work. You’ll want to ensure that your space is convenient for people queuing and offers your customers the ability to quickly enter, get their order and keep moving.

Lighting - One of the design factors that will most impact how welcoming your cafe feels is the lighting you choose for your interior. Again, this depends on the functionality of your cafe - is it somewhere your customers want to sit and chat for hours, or somewhere they’ll pop in and out of to grab something to eat?

If your cafe serves as somewhere to relax, you’ll want your lighting to set a more comfortable mood, possibly with lamps placed throughout to offer a warmer setting. If your customers are popping in and out of your cafe, you’ll want your lighting to work practically to keep the costs down and offering of your products clear to make their decisions easier.

Furniture - When you’re planning the furniture you need for your cafe, consider items that will both function for the environment you want to create and help to make the place look great. Try to work with the concept or theme you have for your cafe so that you have a clearer idea of the cafe style furniture that could work for you.

From soft comfortable sofas and chairs to more functional benches if your customers are popping in for a quick coffee or place to work, try to cater for the main reasons people visit you to ensure you beat out the competition!

If you’re looking to purchase new furniture for cafe bar or resturant, take a look at our full range online today. We provide furniture that meets our core standards of choice and value whilst keeping up with whats trending resulting in an up to the minute product offering. Bench dining solutions have really taken off over the past year or so and we are delighted to add the latest look scaffold furniture into the mix. 

If you do need help with the design of your dining space speak to a member of our design team who will beable to help bring the sapce alive using the latest in 3d visualisation technology. 


Posted by: Josh Seddon

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