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Hospitality Hysteria

General Info April 8th 2015

Hospitality - The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers. DICTIONARY DEFINITION

The hospitality industry is much more widespread than most other industries. The majority of business niches are composed of only a minority of different businesses, but the hospitality sector applies to nearly every company that focuses on customer gratification and meeting more leisurely needs. From ‘Wembley Stadium, all the way down to ‘Pete’s Pizzeria Parlour’. The viewpoint doesn’t change no matter the company/arena or their ethos.

Customer Experience is paramount!!

There are many different aspects to think about when it comes to the Hospitality industry. Staff, business image - just to name a couple. At Café Reality we cannot provide staff with endless amounts of skill, politeness and pristine looks like our friend Jeeves over at ASK. We can, however, provide you with high quality and versatile hospitality furniture and advice when it comes to trying to obtain the perfect hospitality setting to suit your business.

Hospitality – Customer Retention

Many companies have a brand image which runs throughout – for instance logos and company colours which helps build brand reputation. A business may want to uphold a theme throughout which is linked to the product they sell. For example: a fancy restaurant might have a Japanese theme to attract customers who like that type of food and atmosphere.

Not only does this set the business apart from competitors, but it also allows customers to judge the business on another level. Hospitality businesses that provide an authentic theme are often respected more than common hospitality businesses. If the above restaurant cooks authentic Japanese cuisine and uses the proper decorating fundamentals, then this will make customers pleased with their dining experience, subsequently making them more likely to revisit.

Commercial Hospitality Design and how we can help

Hospitality Design

Attractive furniture starts with a great concept and we will work with you to take your unique vision and turn it into a reality.

We like to work closely with our clients from the very first conversation, taking design ideas and turning these into production drawings, 3D visuals and, where required, sample pieces. Our design team are not only highly skilled and practised in design and 3D conception but are also knowledgeable when it comes to material selection. If you want something to wow your customers, you’ve stumble across the right company for you.

Hospitality Furniture

At Café Reality, we pride ourselves on the sheer amount of choice we give our clients. We like to think we have all bases covered. If you want a dining table that is 3 metres in length and in a walnut finish, we can give you a table that is 3 metres in length in a walnut finish. If you require a chair with 8 legs, we can give… hold on, nope we can’t do this, but you see where I am going with this. Any style, any concept we can help.

In need of some inspiration and guidance? One of our latest hospitality renovations took place at the hospitality suite of former European Cup Winners - Chelsea F.C! To view the full case study CLICK HERE

You have the vision - We have the expertise to guide that vision and bring it to life.

Hospitality furniture and interior design service…

Café Reality is a resource for those who look to source and buy hospitality furniture at a competitive price point.

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