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Gordon Ramsay's Maze to be reimagined

Following the loss of the Mayfair Restaurant’s Michelin Star in 2015, Ramsay will close Maze Restaurant in January 2019. The restaurant, located in the London Marriot Hotel, Grosvenor Square, will be reimagined and revamped with a new approach.

Opened in 2005, the restaurant offered a fresh perspective on European cuisine by adding an ‘Asian flourish.’ It melded the characteristic intricacy and detail of Asian cooking with the flavours that tourists and patrons were already familiar with.

Maze and its parent company, Kavalake, enjoyed a ten-year spell of success. Following the loss of its Michelin Star and a continuing plan to diversify (Kavalake owns three Michelin-starred Gordon Ramsay restaurants and currently operates fourteen London restaurants), it has been decided to completely rebrand the operation.

While fusion food may have seemed innovative and exciting in 2005, in 2018, it certainly seems a little dated. Wasabi paste nestled in a roast dinner does not hold the same allure as it once did. Changing food trends, however, have not held Gordon Ramsay and Kavalake back. It is the ability to spot new food fashions and gaps in the market that have been the key to their success.

Ramsay has put his name to numerous grills, pizzerias, burger joints, Michelin Starred restaurants, as well as a restaurant in Heathrow’s Terminal Five – ‘Plane Food’.

As we know from his perennial advice given to floundering chefs, the menu must stick to its niche. No one wants to see a burger and a curry on the same menu. Gordon’s restaurants do stick to their respective niches, but his restaurant portfolio spans the whole globe.

Of course, it is not just the menu that creates a restaurant’s niche, it is also its décor. Ramsay’s past endeavours have all been meticulously well branded through the careful consideration of how interiors affect the customer’s dining experience.Restaurant Furniture will play a key role in the re-conceptualisation of Maze.

Maze’s minimal and stylish sushi bar will have to be replaced. Its long dining tables, perfect for socialising with other guests, might also be ditched in favour of a more traditional layout. The look of whatever replaces Maze will be crucial to its overall cohesion and success.

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Image credits: Gordon Ramsey Restaurants

Posted by: Josh Seddon

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