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Good restaurant design brings them in

July 5th 2017
Good restaurant design brings them in

Restaurants, cafes and bars need to attract customers with the promise of a break from the pressures of daily life. This is the generation who will pay premium prices for hot beverages because they are a lifestyle choice, not just coffee granules, tea bags, hot water and milk.

They use dining out as a social occasion, leisure time with friends and family, making the surroundings as important as what's on their plate.

So the battle for market share - and winning over the hearts and minds of loyal customers – largely comes down to restaurant design.

The best designs attract foodies

So what designs are current success stories in attracting customers and bringing them back for more?

Deciding on a theme and decor often means going back to basics – what are the aims of the venue, and the expectations of the target customers? What does the local market want and how can the restaurant, cafe or bar stand out from the competition?

For many venues, the emphasis has to be on escapism,well-being and sociability. This often puts entertainment as a design priority - quirky, fun and creative restaurant, cafe and bar designs.

Customers don’t necessarily want something too maverick and off the wall. Clever, not highbrow, plus comfortable and relaxing.

Laid back designs to win customers

Designs that tempt people into restaurants, bars and cafes are often uncluttered, stripped down and laid back these days. This means interiors that use metal, especially ironwork, exposed brickwork, rough surfaces, reclaimed wood and “pre-loved” accessories and decoration.

Keeping it real and using authenticity in designs also means that street art is making its way into dining venues. Environmental themes and the abundant use of green is also “on the menu” for design.

Restaurants using "theatre" design techniques

Another great design trend that brings people into hospitality venues is “theatre”. Make restaurants, bars and cafes multi-sensory, with lots to look at visually, including mix and match restaurant furniture, tactile fabrics, open plan bars, visible food preparation areas and live entertainment.

Getting restaurant furniture right

Whendesign is so crucial – and so much more complex and Avant Garde these days – where on earth do you start when choosing the restaurant furniture?

Fortunately, thanks to Café Reality, being different and standing out doesn't have to mean splashing the cash. Thrift is now a virtue – hence all the pre-loved materials, accessories and decorations making an appearance in interior design. And it is possible to be highly creative with a restricted budget.

Having the right restaurant tables and chairs to match your chosen design means using the right eye for detail. Café Reality uses transparent pricing and highly inpidual customer service to enable you to ooze design brilliance, cost-effectively.

Hospitality furniture and interior design service…

Café Reality is a resource for those who look to source and buy hospitality furniture at a competitive price point.

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