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Game of Thrones Bar as a Halloween Pop Up!

General Info October 3rd 2017
Game of Thrones Bar as a Halloween Pop Up!

America has long been famed for its diverse array of cafes, restaurants and bars. With a growing need to stand out, many places choose unique and interesting ways to draw in the crowds and improve popular times of the year. Last December, three popular pop-up bars in Washington DC saw their interiors transformed into the festive Miracle on Seventh Street. Then, as a means to further spice things up, from July to August they kitted them out in true Game of Thrones fashion. At the time, the hit show was the most watched TV series, and the bars capitalised well and drew 3 to 4-hour queues of those waiting to sit on the Iron Throne.

A sinister change -Though Game of Thrones can be pretty barbaric in its own right, the owners have now decided to turn things up a notch and make the most of the impending Halloween season. Throughout October, the three bars will play host to some of the scariest and most horrifying displays imaginable. Apparently, ever since their hit display last Christmas, they have been pitched a number of weird and enticing pop-up displays with which to decorate their bars. They settled on pursuing the Halloween-themed route as it allows them to really use their imaginations and go crazy.

What to expect - Upon entering, guests are to be welcomed by the haunted forest, a typically spooky start to any terrifying Halloween walk; at the back of the room, guests can even find a crypt. Next, you get to enter grandma’s room which features an assortment of creepy dolls and mannequins. If you liked Anabelle, then this could be the spot for you to relax with a cocktail or beer. To finish off, the designers have decided to make use of a growing eerie trend in Hollywood movies: outer space. Completely isolated and devoid of any human life, outer space can be a terrifying place to be. Currently, they have released few details on the interior, but fans watch in anticipation to see what their minds have conjured up.

The team responsible, Matt Fox and Adriana Salame Aspiazu, say that there’s a whole assortment of things set to surprise the guests and that Craigslist was a great place to help source their weird and wonderful ornaments. If Halloween is your time of year and spooky walks are your thing, then it could be a great place to check out; of course, you will need to be in Washington DC. Alternatively, it could be that reading this has inspired you to spice up the decor in your bar. If so, it could be worth browsing our range of high-quality pub and bar furniture, in order to find something to help you draw in the crowds.

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