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Free trial shifts - you decide

In the hospitality and restaurant industries, the concept of trial shifts have long been the best way to determine if your potential hire is the best choice for your business, especially when it comes to customer-facing roles and skilled food-related positions. According to Big Hospitality the unpaid trial shift has become a form of contention in the industry, so what are the pros and cons of opting for unpaid trials?

Part of a job interview - Unless sufficient travel or even overnight accommodation is needed, it's rare in any industry to pay potential hires to attend a job interview. This is especially true in the cafe and hospitality industries. Trial shifts, if not excessive and limited to what you need to know about a potential employee, can be invaluable in getting the right hire for the job; which is obviously a success for both them and you.

Of course, there's a difference between exploiting every potential hire with hours of unpaid labour and narrowing your potential hire down to a few select interviewees - which is where the line should ideally sit when it comes to asking for unpaid work as part of a hiring process. Knowing that limit is important to ensure you're not getting yourself in hot water, or seeing great potential employees refusing to continue with your hiring processes.

The hazards of an untrained team member - As discussed in Big Hospitality's article, you can't expect a new face to come to your cafe or restaurant with next to no training and perform at their best. This can affect not only their personal performance but the way your other staff can do their jobs, hindering their process especially when the trial person is new to the industry. This can be a nightmare for health and safety, and result in a stressful environment.

With some businesses choosing unpaid trial shifts as a way to gain work without paying a penny, it's important for both employers and potential employees to know when to draw the line and simply pay for the work being done. At Cafe Reality, we understand the importance of using the best quality materials, most suitable equipment and best furniture for the job. The same should apply when it comes to your employees - ensuring you're getting the best by paying out a little more.

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Posted by: Josh Seddon

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