Café lounges are becoming increasingly popular. Café lounge areas not only provide you with comfortable seating but also give you that ‘homely’ feel. In my personal opinion, café lounges are a must have. If done correctly, it could do wonders for any business.

But where do you start? The décor is an obvious starting point. Draft up your vision before jumping straight in with an over expansive idea. As I mentioned above, if done CORRECTLY it could do wonders for your business. So make sure you get it right first time.

Once the décor has been finalised, you will need to think about the café lounge furniture. This is the ‘pièce de résistance’ to your café lounge area. Comfort and style are the key features to look for when placing the finishing touches. Sofas, tub chairs and coffee tables are the main furniture must haves, however, if you wanted to go beyond that, think designer. Designer seating injects class and sophistication into any establishment and will reflect on your business and you as a person. Crazy really, but people will build a perception of you just from the moment they step foot into your café/coffee shop. Entice potential customers with your classy establishment.

Customers will spend much more time in your café/coffee shop if they feel comfortable and relaxed. Most will use it as a meeting point, a place to converse whilst drinking their favourite hot drink. Others may use it for business and could spend hours sipping coffee whilst they work. Whatever the purpose, anyone will feel comfortable using your facilities over and over again providing you ensure your lounge area has a 'home from home' feel.

Would you walk into a dark and Ill decorated café to meet your friends for a social catch up? It’s unlikely. Would you meet your friends in a classy, comfortable and modern establishment? Yes, I believe so. 

Think contemporary. Think to yourself, what would I want? The latter of that sentence is the key to success. What is your current client base? Draft up a survey to gain an insight into what your customers are thinking. Better still, gain an insight of the people who regularly go to your competitors to obtain an understanding of what your competitors do that you don’t?

Our extensive range of café furniture will provide you with unlimited opportunities when it comes to café lounge furniture.  If you’re unsure of the fabric colours you want, or the coffee table finishes you require, that’s no problem for our highly trained sales team, who will advise you accordingly. Better still, we can send you samples of the fabrics and finishes you like the most.

I firmly believe that café lounges are the future. They create an ambience that sets you apart from your competitors.


Posted by: Cafe Reality

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