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Dining in Redwoods Treehouse

General Info February 8th 2018
Dining in Redwoods Treehouse

Located just outside of Warkworth, New Zealand, there's a secret that will transform every expectation you've ever had of what a dining experience could be. Stood 32 feet above the ground in the Warkworth Forest and accessible only by an elevated treetop walkway, you'll find this gorgeous pod-shaped wooden structure secured in a Redwood tree and known as Redwoods Treehouse. The unique space offers diners with the opportunity to eat delicious food whilst sitting up close and personal with nature.

How was it built? - Originally, Redwoods Treehouse was built as a part of the Yellow Page's marketing campaign, where the company challenged a member of the New Zealand public called Tracy to build a restaurant in a tree using only Yellow Pages. We know what you're thinking, and no, Tracy wasn't precariously balancing on a stack of yellow pages with a plank of wood on each shoulder; she used the directory to find businesses who helped her with the project.

The final venue was built at 12m high and 10m wide and the construction was finished in just 66 days. Not only was this fantastic venue built in record time, but it's also environmentally friendly, as the vertical slats and fins used in the building process are made from sustainable pine and poplar.

Reception - After it's construction, the Redwoods Treehouse went on to win a multitude of awards and has been featured in over 2000 blogs and publications around the world (let's make that 2001). Some people say the finished product looks like a seashell or an onion, although the intention behind the design was to recreate a cocoon or chrysalis shape. The Treehouse opened up as a restaurant to the public for a limited time, but today it's only available for private hire, where diners can choose from a variety of different menus from the Treehouse's trusted catering service.

How can I book? - If you're hoping to hire the space for your next event, it will set you back a minimum of £3000, but we bet it will be worth it! Contact them if you're interested in having your next birthday party, work event or even your wedding day surrounded by a serene landscape.

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