Dex’s Diner, Coruscant

A long time ago, in a Galaxy far far away there was a restaurant called Dex’s Diner. In a dilapidated industrial area called CoCo Town, on the Planet Coruscant, the friendly establishment was owned and run by the ever-friendly Dexter Jettster, who’s origin was “Besalisk”.

“The best food this side of the Senate District”

Together with 2 waitresses, Hermione Bagwa and her companion droid FLO the diner served their home cooked delights with pride and joy. Culinary specials that could be found on the menu were:

  • Shawda Club Sandwich, served on toasted or therm-zapped brewad
  • Sic-Six layer cake
  • Photo Fizzle

Yum! I’m hungry just thinking about them… I guess these would have been their equivalent of pancakes and maple syrup?!

Dex Diner Outdoors

Images via: I howstuffworks

The interior of the diner was reminiscent of what you will find in “Goldies Route 66 Diner”, Williams, AZ.

“Dex’s Diner is another one of Lucas’s throwbacks to mid-20th Century Americana.”

There were shades of red and grey, infused with elements of what appears to be “chrome”, adapting to a timeless interior look. The internal decor looks very much like what you would find within a “Denny’s Diner” on our Planet.

Booth seating was provided for keen diners, offering a spacious environment where they could eat privately. The booth seating set-up also ensured that the most was made of the space that was present, leaving enough room for FLO to whizz around whilst serving customers. The seating was situated next to spacious windows, allowing for optimal views and gave patrons the opportunity to view the speeders going by and people watch, too. What more would you want from a café?

Dex Diner Barstools

The materials used within the diner seemed to have been substances easily cleaned and maintained. Very much the reason why we are such fans of using leather finishes in our hospitality branches here on Earth. What looks like metal matter was also incorporated within the interior to create a contemporary, timeless finish that was also durable for longevity.

Dex Diner Booths

Alongside the bar you would have found complementing barstools that were floor fixed. The seat colour finish matched the booths and the bar edge and their chrome bases were a great asset to the (what we might have called) stainless steel sides of the main bar. The infusion of colours and materials truly emphasised the mid-20th Century theme, favoured by our modern day diner establishments. 

“Dex’s Diner, where hard-working labourers come for a quick and home styled meal or a cup of freshly brewed Jawa Juice or Ardees, whilst idly chatting about local politics, sports or current events.”

…A perfect place for a Jedi to find out information about a dart! 

Posted by: Michael Hurd

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