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Deconstructed Dishes – Pollock, Broth and Egg

General Info August 15th 2018
Deconstructed Dishes - Pollock, Broth and Egg

Speciality seafood restaurants need to constantly reinvent themselves and create new and innovative dishes. This will help to entice new customers through the door, and to keep those regular customers coming back for more.

Below we share a fun and fresh seafood dish that is comprised of Alaska pollock, onion and beef broth, swede and an egg yolk, created by the chef, Adam Reid, the Head Chef of The French located in the prestigious Midland Hotel in Manchester.

The beauty of Alaska Pollock - Alaska pollock is also known as walleye pollock and is a member of the Gadidae cod family. The Alaska pollock can be found within the North Pacific. Alaska pollock has grown in popularity with UK restaurants, as it is easy to prepare, cook, and is a versatile fish. It is also a healthy option with only 111 calories per 100 grams.

Cooking the fish - You need to firstly skin the fish and to then cut a piece from the loin which is rich in fat. This piece of fish then needs to be rubbed in sea salt for a good ten minutes. Once done, the fish is rinsed to remove all traces of salt and is then wrapped in a vacuum pack. The pollock is then cooked gently for two hours in a water bath at 50°C. This produces succulent fish that does not dry out.

The beef and onion broth - Chef Reid produces mouth watering beef broth by barbecuing the beef together with onions. Once again vacuum pack and then slow cook the beef and onions in a water bath for a total of 12 hours.

Cooking the swede - The swede is cooked in a layer of salt dough, that is then discarded once cooked. The swede is then cut into thin slices.

How to cook the egg - What really finishes this dish is the egg yolk. The secret to cooking them is the fact that they are placed in oil and then gently cooked for a total of 45 minutes.

Put it all together - The fish is quick and easy to assemble. Simply arrange the flakes of pollock onto the plate, along with the egg yolks and sliced swede. Strain and pour the beef and onion broth over the dish. Garnish with chopped cress.

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