Creating a freelance friendly café culture post Covid-19

Creating a freelance friendly café culture post Covid-19

The times they are a-changing! No one has been untouched by the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot more of us have been working primarily from our homes, and many will be for the foreseeable future. But what about freelancers, who have been working out of their own living room for a little longer than the rest of us?

The return of café working

Many freelancers find that they focus best when they shake up their workspace – something that hasn’t been as possible in lockdown. A lot of people have really missed the buzz and hum of working from their local favourite coffee shop. However, with the world reopening, and more people than ever working from home, this is the perfect time to consider how to make your café friendly to freelancers and other homeworkers.

A quiet place

We all know how important it is to provide people with enough space right now, so having the right kind of café furniture is sure to attract more customers. People who are working will want to be seated somewhere perhaps a little quieter, so try to lay out your space with this in mind, with an elegant selection of cafe chairs and tables.

Keep connected

Wi-Fi is essential for most businesses, so make sure yours is up to speed! With more and more people looking to get out and about for the day, your broadband needs to support multiple customers tapping away on their laptops or making an important video call. Concerned about too many people hopping on at once? You don’t necessarily need to charge for this service – just having customers ask for a password will keep down the amount of casual pressure on your capacity.

Power up

Power points matter. You need to be certain that your well-spaced tables and chairs are next to sockets so that people can charge up their devices as they work. If someone is going to be spending two or more hours making your café their workplace, they’re going to need to fuel up on more than just their favourite latte and muffin. Those sitting up at tables are more likely to be working, so if you need to prioritise, consider placing your comfy or group seating away from power points as these customers might just want a chat.

We hope that these handy hints help you keep your café the same cosy, friendly environment as ever to those who want to get some work done. And don’t forget to stay safe and smile!

Posted by: Angela Mee

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