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Creating a 50’s Themed American Diner

General Info May 28th 2015

Coca cola red dining booths, lustrous chrome barstools, neon lights, chessboard style flooring, waiting staff zipping past you on roller skates whilst trying to control a creamy cold milkshake on a red canteen style tray, while the classic American Jukebox blasts out Elvis Presley – I’m Caught in a Trap.

Where am I?

Of course, I am in a 50’s American-style diner. Unfortunately, I am not experiencing all the great things I’ve listed above at this moment in time, I am indeed sitting at my Office Desk. May not sound glamourous, however, all my ideas come from here (so for the time being, here I’ll remain).

My article today is based on the design/stimulus needed to create a 50’s American Diner and the products and services we have at our disposal in order to bring your concept to life.

Over the last couple of years the American-Style diner has increased in popularity, It may be down to the popular movie ‘Grease’ remaining a firm favourite over the last few decades, but when I think about it in a little more depth my brain tells me not to be so senseless. It has to be down to its classic timeless design/concept.

There is a reason why so many people love diners. Just the thought of an American diner conjures up images of a friendly atmosphere, juicy burgers and popular music on the jukebox. While the American diner itself is already a beloved tradition, you'll still have to plan carefully and work hard to open a successful business. We don’t have the capabilities to provide the licenses and planning permission you need to open your 50’s style diner, but, we certainly do have the furniture.

Creating a 50’s Themed American Diner image 1

50’s Diner Booths - If you were born in the 1950s or 1960s, chances are you remember heading to the local diner as a teenager, sitting in a dining furniture booth. Our trendy Diner fast food units have a lined back design and a durable steel frame, built for commercial use in mind. The two tone upholstery option provides optimum versatility when it comes to style and colours, with a palette of over 30 different vinyl options obtainable.

Barstools and Low Stools - Whether you're looking to outfit a restaurant, bar or lounge we have the perfect seating options to match any existing or future decor. Our Pinocolada Barstools are perfect for the ones who like to take refuge in the bar area. A deep foam cushion provides customers with unrivalled comfort.

At Café Reality we strive to give our customers a complete overview of their concept from the very first conversation. We have a highly trained design team with over 20 years of design experience at our disposal. All we would need is a floor plan, your concept and our 3D design platform ‘P-Con’. We understand the cost behind something like this that’s why we offer the free in space planning service.

If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact either myself (Nathan) or our designer Ben. We will be more than happy to help.

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