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Crazy Cafes. The Cereal Killer Cafe.

There are many bizarre and quirky café’s in the world whether the location is unusual or its full of our fury friends like Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium but normally you can count on the menu to be fairly similar, well how about a café that only sells cereal?

That’s right a café which offers nothing more than a bowl of Crunchy Nut and some milk! It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or whether its breakfast lunch or dinner that you’re after the menu stays the same. ‘The Cereal Killer Café’ which is the UK’s first cereal café first opened its doors to the public on the 10th of December 2014 and surprisingly it’s been very popular, you can choose from over 120 different cereals from around the world and it turns out there’s more to milk than ‘red or green top` you can take your pick from 30 different varieties!

Crazy Cafes. The Cereal Killer Cafe. image 1

Currently the café is located on Brick lane in London, stretching across two floors, with seating for 50, with plans underway to open another one in the colourful and creative Borough of Camden. The unique establishment is run and owned by twins Gary and Alan who say the idea was first thought about when they BOTH had the same ‘sugar induced dream` …it must be a twin thing!

This space is bursting with ‘cereal memorabilia from the Eighties and Nineties`. Whilst sitting at the ‘kitchen table` on mix match colourful chairs you will be surrounded by photo frames and vintage TVs dotted on the walls playing old school cartoons on a loop making you feel like you haven’t even left the house. The vibrant colours will make you feel like you’ve entered some kind of kids play room, not to mention the random scattering of toys that you’d expect to find inside a cereal box. The only thing missing is people walking around in dressing gowns and slippers!

Crazy Cafes. The Cereal Killer Cafe. image 2

I was surprised to find out you can private hire the cafe for corporate and brand events, product launches and breakfast meetings… somehow I’m not sure the choice of catering would go down well during an important meeting. Surely this sort of venue would be more suited to a 4 years olds birthday party? You can even hire them to do a ‘pop-up` at your event, although a bowl of cereal wouldn’t be my first choice. The pop-up café has appeared at several well-known festivals such as Board Masters, Creamfields and Bestival.

As crazy or as weird as this café may sound it seems to have had positive reviews by the public and merchandise is now available to buy from their Facebook site.

They do say breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Crazy Cafes. The Cereal Killer Cafe. image 3

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