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Coffee shop interior and exterior design ideas

Cafe Design, General Info April 17th 2018
Coffee shop interior and exterior design ideas

With coffee sales reaching an all-time high in the UK, we have put together a few design ideas for you to consider If you are in the process of setting up your own cafe or coffee shop. What you opt for very much depends upon your customer base, where you are located and the drinks and food that you will serve. Below we have some design ideas for both inside and outside your cafe or coffee shop.

The interior seating area - The area in where people sit and eat needs to be well thought out. In terms of cafe tables and cafe chairs, there are generally three style options to choose from: Regular dining tables and chairs, high dining tables with bar stools, and then finally a combination of these two styles. Most cafe and coffee shop owners opt for the third option to landscape and add interest to the space. In addition, low level soft seating and coffee tables provide a relaxing alternative to traditional dining furniture and a place to sit with a cappuccino or a mushroom infused coffee...(trending) Bar stools and narrow dining tables placed in shop fronts are perfect for people watching while tucking into an illusion cupcake or a boozy bake (also trending)

The counter area - It should go without saying that it is important to consider the style and practicality of the counter area. This area needs to be visually appealing, yet practical for both customers and staff. A good design is imperative to prevent bottle necks and add to the visitor experience. The countertop needs to be the right height, be able to display, clearly, whatever you choose to display on day one and consideration should be given to what you may want to display further down the line. Art decor elements behind the counter and till area, such as coffee beans, huge lattes, and images of cake can make the area inviting.

Cafe garden and patio areas - Make the use of any available outdoor space, as when the sun is shining, people like to sit outside! Convert any rear outdoor space into a relaxing cafe courtyard. Add plants and divide the space up into separate seating areas. Combine groups of outdoor cafe tables and chairs for those who wish to gather with friends. Add single weather resistant dining tables and chairs for those individuals who simply wish to sit, drink coffee, and read the newspaper.

Pavement dining - Carefully selected outdoor furniture can add a European feel and a welcome extension to the exterior space. Bench dining sets can work really well outside waterside coffee shops and cafes. Don't forget the parasols and to check with the local authority if permissions are required.

If you would like further information or any help designing your space then give us a call.

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