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Coffee In A Telephone Box Anyone?

General Info August 27th 2015

We’ve immersed ourselves in a world where digital is “king”, but what does this mean for the historic red telephone boxes dotted around our UK streets? It’s very unlikely that any one still rummages around for that 20p in order to carry on a phone conversation for just a minute longer. As a kid (I am 27 if you’re wondering) I watched many a people slam the receiver down as their time ran out before they could say which pub they were going to.

But, we as a country haven’t felt the need to bring these iconic pieces into the current digital age (I always thought they’d be transformed into transportation portals at some point… Too much DR Who maybe?) Until now!! Digital? Maybe not… Innovative and Convenient? 100% Yes!!!!

The beginning of August marked the rebirth of the traditional red telephone box, but not in a way you’d expect... Believe it or not, one has been converted into a ‘Coffee Stop’.

Business venture Jake's Coffee Box opened its door to passing commuters in Birmingham's busy financial district on Monday 3rd August.

Promising barista Jake Hollier is the first to rent out one of four old BT telephone boxes dotted along the street which have all been converted to business use following a planning application earlier this year.

Charity trust ‘Thinking Outside The Box’ put forward the popular bid to turn the unused boxes in Eden Place into kiosks in the hope of breathing new life into the prominent but now little-used conveniences.

Former hospital worker Jake said while there was no room for customers to sit, he had still been ringing up orders from commuters on his first full day of trade.

He said: "Everyone looks at me like I'm crazy but I am getting good responses, good feedback, people walking past and saying it's absolutely brilliant and a good idea. So far so good."

With the transformed space at a premium, Mr Hollier has just enough room for the coffee machine, cups and condiments, milk, water bowsers - there is no plumbing or sausage rolls and sandwiches, but this is a coffee shop in a telephone box.

So if you have a first date, and/or would like to take your partner for a coffee, you know where to go.

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