Choosing the Right Size of Table

In these blogs/articles we have talked to quite a large extent about the different types of cafe furniture and what you should consider when choosing it to make sure that it is right for you. Something that we may not have mentioned in these previous blogs however is that you really need to think about the size of table, as there isn't really a standard size.

There are a few simple suggestions when choosing your cafe table size, one school of thought is that the faster the turnaround of the table needed, the smaller the table required. There are two different types of dining, informal and formal. This is quite obvious when you think about it, informal dining is a coffee shop or bar where customers choose to have a coffee or snack as opposed to a full meal and so the need for a large table is taken away.

The seating that you will often find in these establishments, are small and light weight so can be easily moved as there tends to be a high turnover of people in these areas as they are less likely to stay for quite a long period of time. Usually a 600mm x 600mm or 600mm diameter table will do the job. If you are a small restaurant then a 650mm x 750mm table can be enough to seat two people however it is not advised that you should use a table any smaller.

It is worth noting that the table size directly effects the type of restaurant that you are. For example if you are a restaurant that offers food on large plates or bowls then you should make sure that you buy tables that will adequately support the this and leave plenty.

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