Chair No. 14

This chair is one of the most famous chairs within the cafe furniture industry. Manufactured originally by Thonet, it has also been named the bistro chair, which in the cafe furniture industry is quite a coveted title. Designed by Michael Thonet in the 19th century using a unique steam-bending technology, also known as bentwood that during that time required years to perfect and master. It has a simple design and affordability it has been one of the bestselling chairs on the market, with a total of 50 million sold between 1860 and 1930 and since then the sales have kept on coming.

The chair has been made from six pieces of wood with a total of 10 screws to hold the cafe chair together with only 2 nuts. The wood is made from beech wood, that are heated to 100 degrees Celsius and pressed into cast-iron moulds. They are then dried at 70 degrees for just under a day to make sure that they are strong and robust. The reason that these bistro chairs were sold at an affordable price was because the materials used are cheap and the labour used are mainly unskilled.

This chair has been widely renowned as a design classic. When it was first produced it earned a gold medal in the 1867 World Exposition in Paris and has been praised by some of the worlds best and creative designers. For example Le Corbusier has been recorded in saying ?Never was a better and more elegant design and a more precisely crafted and practical item created.?

In recent years, 2009 to be precise the chair was redesigned and remanufactured by the English designer James Irvine and retailed from Muji, a Japanese company. Roland Ohnacker, the managing director of Thonet stated that the aim of this was to ?help 18 to 35 year olds enter the world of Thornet?

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