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Did you know that around 70 million cups of coffee are drunk in the UK per day? That’s on average of 13 cups per week, per person! To be fair, basing it on how many cups of coffee we all drink here at the office, it’s not too much of a surprise! The brew becomes your best friend at times! I don’t even leave the house without having at least one cup of joe, but that’s mainly for public safety!

Each of us have our particular taste preferences when it comes to a good ol’ cuppa, in fact, there are around 38 known types of coffee (I know! Wow). What do our preferences say about ourselves though?

Unfortunately we aren’t trained baristas here at Café Reality, thus unable to make a “Vienna”, “Red Eye” or “Cortado”, so I thought I’d keep to the “standard” types of coffee for this one!

Having found a quick psychology report, I have found the following results:

Americano - “A drink of espresso coffee diluted with hot water”

An “Americano” coffee drink is usually drunk black and strong. The strength of the coffee beverage is controlled with the amount of espresso shots that are used. They are also my personal preference when ordering a coffee. According to the study, Americano drinkers are often “old school and purist”. We like to keep things simple and are patient and efficient (sounds about right…ish). However, we can also be “moody (yup), abrupt and dismissive”, often set in our ways and are resistant to making changes. I’m not resistant to change, I just like things my way, but I don’t think that has anything to do with my coffee drinking preference… that’s just me being a diva!


Latté – “Coffee drink with espresso and steamed milk”

The term “Latté” has been used to shorten the Italian term “caffè latte” which means “milk coffee”. The same study has explained that they have found milky coffee drinkers are “comfort seekers, people pleasers and open books who like to soften the bitterness of life”. They are often generous with their time and will happily go out of their way to help others. Although the study has also revealed that the milk lovers can “get over-extended and don’t always take great care of themselves”.

Frappé – “Greek foam covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee”

A frappé is a frozen, blended coffee drink that is one of the fastest growing trends in the coffee business. Accidentally invented by Dimitris Vakondios, they are meant to be rather refreshing. They aren’t really my cup of tea (sorry! I mean coffee), but my colleague Ben is a huge fan apparently! Blended iced coffee drinkers apparently “like to try new things, are socially bold and often trendsetters”. They are also often spontaneous and imaginative. Still, with every positive attribute, there are also negatives (the balance of life and all that).  The study has found that iced coffee consumers often “fall for quick fixes, don’t always make healthy choices and can be reckless”. Does this sound like you Ben?


Decaf, Soy Milk & Speciality Coffees – “Fussy coffee choices”

These days, you have the ability to order a “speciality coffee”. Substitutes for lactose, such as soy milk, are becoming more popular due to an increased awareness and mainstream focus on healthly living recently. Decaf coffee is also an option, allowing you to carry on experiencing the great taste of coffee, without the shakes and headaches! So what type of person drinks this type of coffee according to the study? Apparently they like to be “in control and often perfectionists”. Consumers of these speciality drinks are very aware of their bodies and their personal health. They could also be “overly sensitive and tend to be worriers”. It has also been mentioned that they often “over focus on rules, control and order”.

All this being said, don’t take this as anything to focus too much on! I hope this doesn’t change the way you think about your next Starbucks order! I have seen myself in all of these personality traits and patience isn’t often one of them… Speaking of which, I am STILL waiting on my coffee from Dan! Black, 2 sugars please! 


Posted by: Michael Hurd

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