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­Café Furniture Trends 2024

January 12th 2024
­Café Furniture Trends 2024

The cafe and restaurant industry is always evolving to keep up with changing consumer preferences and design trends. When it comes to furniture, several key trends are emerging for 2024 that aim to create inviting and Instagram-worthy spaces while optimising functionality.

Moving into 2024 sustainability continues to be at the forefront of our minds, with eco-conscious materials and multifunctional designs that will stand the test of time. At the same time, cafes and restaurants are embracing bolder colours that ‘pop’ and retro influences are still current. Comfort is also paramount - features such as curved lines, natural materials, and soft upholstery invite guests to relax and linger for longer.

Digital integration is on the rise as well, with USB ports and power outlets seamlessly built into café furniture. Outdoor dining is expected to expand. Weather-resistant and modular outdoor café and bistro furniture help venues make the most of patio and courtyard spaces.

Read on for an in-depth look at the cafe and restaurant furniture trends poised to transform spaces in 2024 and beyond. With an eye towards both form and function, these innovations allow businesses to create unforgettable dining environments tailored to their brand and clientele.


Sustainability will continue to be a major trend in cafe and restaurant furniture during 2024. More and more establishments are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact by using eco-friendly and upcycled materials in their furniture and decor.

Upcycling is also gaining popularity for indoor cafe and restaurant pieces. Local artists and designers are transforming old items like vintage sewing tables and factory carts into one-of-a-kind tables, benches, and display pieces. Not only does this save these items from the landfill, but each piece tells a unique story and creates an authentic vibe.

In 2024, sustainability will be a given, not a selling point with the most successful cafes and restaurants integrating green principles seamlessly into their overall design aesthetic and ethos.

Multifunctional furniture

The busy cafe and restaurant scene demands furniture that can adapt to serve multiple needs throughout the day. Multifunctional pieces allow owners to maximize their space while providing flexibility. Folding tables and chairs have long been popular for cafes to allow easy reconfiguration from a casual morning setup to a bustling lunch scene. Many cafes now are multifunctional spaces running as a café in the day and then making space for an open mic night, event talk or a poetry reading in the evening. Folding tables and chairs are well-suited for these quick turnarounds.

Expandable tables are gaining popularity, with leaves that slide out to extend the surface. Counter-height community tables with built-in power outlets under the surface double as informal meeting spots and casual workspaces between meals.

Multifunctional furniture maximises the utility of space while providing flexibility to transform the environment as needed throughout the day. Expect to see even more innovation in this area to meet the diverse demands of modern cafes and restaurants.

Natural Materials

Wood remains a popular choice for tables, chairs, counters and decorative accents. Reclaimed wood salvaged from old barns and buildings creates an attractive rustic vibe. Other natural woods like oak, maple and walnut add warmth and elegance with their natural grains and finishes. Sustainable forestry and responsible harvesting certifications are now required by many eco-conscious establishments.

Responsible sourcing and sustainability are increasingly important trends for cafes and restaurants. More owners are looking for furniture made from natural, renewable materials rather than synthetic ones.

Rattan and wicker furniture, often used for patio seating, continue gaining popularity inside too. These natural fibre materials have an artisan, handcrafted aesthetic. New synthetic rattan made from recycled plastic bottles blends sustainability with the look of traditional rattan.

Bold Colours

Bold, vibrant colours are making a big splash in cafe and restaurant furniture trends for 2024. After years of muted earth tones and minimalist styles dominating restaurant interiors, designers are embracing bolder colour palettes. From bright primaries to neon accents, colour is being used in inventive ways to energise and transform dining spaces.

Bolder colours are appearing on upholstery and plastics used for seating. Mixing vibrant vinyl or plastic seats and benches with wood or metal tables creates an eclectic, retro style vibe. Palettes that pair bold tones like teal and tangerine or purple and lime green bring youthful energy to a space.

While neutrals will continue to have their place in restaurant design, colour is certainly making a comeback. The vibrant cafe and furniture trends offer a fun, lively option for restaurants looking to inject more personality and flair into their spaces during 2024.

Retro and vintage Styles

Retro styles, especially mid-century modern, are still a prominent contender for 2024, in cafe and restaurant furniture. The mid-century look features clean lines, geometric shapes and natural wood tones that evoke a sense of nostalgia and timelessness. Vintage furniture styles blend well with industrial and rustic decors that are also popular right now. Retro can provide a nice contrast or complement to minimalist styles. Distressed finishes and playful colours put a fresh spin on retro designs.

Some of the key retro furniture trends include:

Iconic mid-century pieces like the Copper Tolix V2 Metal Side Chair or the Ali Sticotti Dining Table

Curved shapes and spheres like the Greta Vintage Leather Armchair and Lumbo Contemporary Dining Set

Bold, geometric patterns

Natural wood tabletops in finishes like teak, oak and walnut

Mixed materials like wood, leather, and metal

Pops of bright colors such as orange, yellow, teal or chartreuse 40% proof, these types of colours often feature on our 100% recyclable Pop General Use Poly Chairs.

Retro furniture makes a statement and encourages customers to slow down and soak in the ambience. The nostalgic styles remind people of a simpler time. For cafes, retro furniture can enhance the feeling of an artistic coffeehouse.

Vintage-inspired lighting, flooring and wall art complement retro furniture. Designers often mix some modern elements as well to create an eclectic retro. With the comeback of all things mid-century, retro furniture will continue to be one of the top trends for restaurants and cafes.

Digital Integration

Digital Cafe

As more people bring personal laptops and phones to cafes and restaurants, many venues are integrating digital elements into the furniture design and layout. Having built-in plugs, wireless charging pads and USB ports is quickly becoming a popular way to attract customers who want to stay connected while dining out.

Charging stations and "smart tables" with USB ports are appearing in coffee shops, allowing customers to conveniently charge their devices while working or socialising. Some tables feature pop-up screens for plugging in laptops, with cords fed neatly through holes to avoid a tangled mess. Wireless charging hotspots that power phones using electromagnetic induction are also gaining popularity, allowing customers to simply place their mobile devices on designated table spots to power up.

Integrating these digital elements creates a seamless experience for customers to stay charged up, without having to hunt around for scarce power outlets. It also provides value-added functionality to tables and booths beyond simply a place to sit. As working while dining increases in popularity, especially in coffee shops, tables with built-in tech to keep people connected and productive will likely continue growing as a trend. Some forecasters expect up to a quarter of restaurant and cafe tables to offer device-charging capabilities by the end of 2024.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor 1

Outdoor spaces at cafes and restaurants will continue to grow in popularity during 2024. With more outdoor dining areas, and rooftop cocktail experiences, there is an increased demand for versatile, durable outdoor furniture.

All-weather and patio furniture made from materials like powder-coated metals, recycled plastics, and weather-resistant fabrics allow outdoor spaces to be used year-round. These materials stand up well to sun, rain, snow, and temperature fluctuations.

Outdoor furniture, such as the Brava rope outdoor chairs with cushioned seat pads that can be easily removed and stored away during poor weather are a smart choice.  Stacking chairs and tables that can be quickly rearranged or stowed save space when not in use. Incorporating lighting, heating, cooling misters, and retractable awnings extends the usability of outdoor seating. Fire pits, fireplaces, and heating lamps allow for cosy gatherings even when temperatures drop.


As we look ahead to cafe and restaurant furniture trends for 2024, several key innovations stand out. Sustainability will continue to be a major focus, with eco-friendly materials and upcycled furniture pieces gaining popularity. Multifunctional, modular furniture that can adapt to changing needs and layouts will provide flexibility. Natural materials like wood, rattan, and bamboo paired with soft fabrics and textures will create a welcoming, cozy atmosphere.

Bold, vibrant colours and retro-inspired styles will bring playful personality and visual interest to cafe and restaurant interiors. At the same time, comfort will remain essential to guest experience, with customisable, seating and tables a top priority. Digital integration, from charging stations to tabletop touchscreens, will create seamless technology experiences. And expanded, creative outdoor spaces will become an extension of the indoor dining room.

In 2024, cafes and restaurants will leverage furniture and design to craft immersive experiences and forge lasting connections with guests. While trends may come and go, innovative, thoughtful furniture and style will continue to be at the heart of the guest journey and brand storytelling. The cafes and restaurants that keep their finger on the pulse of these evolving trends stand to gain a competitive advantage in attracting and delighting patrons in the years ahead.

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