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In today's cafes and restaurants, we tend to see furniture that has been mass produced and often feature similar styles. For instance we see a lot of chairs made in the 50s and 60s that are iconic however we don't see that many made recently that stand the test of time. There are still designers out there bringing cafe furniture design back into fashion and below are a couple that have been nominated for the student category at The Edge 2012 in Sydney next month.

A cafe chair made out of belts and a cafe barstool which can have any pattern cut into it are the two ideas in question. Alex Lee, the creator of the belt chair seems to believe that his cafe chair made from belts was nominated for its originality.

??As students we can afford to be creative and push the boundaries like I have with this design,'' the 30 year old designer said. ??But once we're working in the industry we'll be more limited by commercial constraints. So this is a great opportunity to show my design aesthetic off to potential contacts such as interior designers and decorators.''

He claimed that when he was younger his brother and he used to play around modifying old furniture. This could have been office furniture, cafe furniture or domestic furniture, he claims that he was attracted to taking things apart and being able to create new pieces.

The other piece of cafe furniture that has been nominated is a barstool that can have bespoke designs added by cutting at the sides. The Bent stool is made from 4 equilateral triangles that have been riveted together.

The young 22 year old designer claims that he got inspiration for the design from the demand of cafe and restaurant owners looking for different and fashionable designs. As it stands he has managed to find a manufacturer for the furniture in Hong Kong however he plans to change the material used to Aluminium to make the chair lighter and ready for commercial production.

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