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Cafe Furniture: A Beginner’s Guide

General Info April 11th 2011

There has been a huge increase of cafes and coffee houses in the past decade. The main reason is due to the increasing demand for them. Today the working public lead hectic lives calling for an increase in demand for places that people can relax and take a step back from their day to day lives, whether it be to meet up with fellow colleagues or friends or to just sit and read the paper for an hour or so. So if you are a small business looking to open up a cafe/coffee house, how do you set yourself apart from the rest? How do you create an environment that people can feel relaxed in and want to spend their precious time in? Unfortunately there is no right answer to this; however one of the biggest factors that you have to take into account is the type/style of the furniture.

Cafe furniture is also one of the biggest (if not the biggest) investment you are going to have to make before opening, so as you can see, getting this right is crucial. There are to main factors that have to be considered when purchasing cafe furniture. The first is the aesthetics of it, and the second is its functionality, but the question is which is more important.

The answer is that they are both equally important. You may have furniture that pleases the eye and could belong in an art gallery but if it doesn't function properly or isn't very comfortable then its pointless. On the other hand, you may have cafe tables and chairs that are comfortable and efficient, but if they are ugly or look horribly out of place with the surroundings, you're not going to attract customers that are vital for your business.

Creating the right ambience within your establishment is directly related to your demographic. For example if you are looking to attract the younger generation, then it is worth thinking more about the aesthetics of the furniture, as youngsters are more interested in finding a trendy place to hang out. However if you are looking to attract the more adult and professional demographic, you may find it more important to think about whether the furniture is comfortable and meets the needs of people who wish to stay in an environment whether they just want to relax. Fortunately there are businesses (such as Office Reality) that can help alleviate the stress of this burden. There are people that can give you honest advice as to what type of furniture best suits your needs and let you know of any businesses that are local to you that have similar furniture that meets your needs. As well as this the company has representatives that are able to come to you and give professional opinions as to the most suitable cafe furniture for you.

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Café Reality is a resource for those who look to source and buy hospitality furniture at a competitive price point.

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