Buy Good Furniture and Keep it Simple

You may be surprised to learn that a lot of customers pick their cafe of choice merely on the design and layout of it. Of course having decent food and nice tasting coffee are a major contributing factor in this choice, but the decor and cafe furniture can be the deciding factor. I personally agree with this as the cafe that I choose to drink in, I have chosen because I like the overall atmosphere.

I like the traditional wooden chairs in dark wood and matching wooden tables that fit perfectly with the restored Tudor building. Simplicity in cafe furniture is key to attracting customers. You don't want the furniture to be to pretentious or too bland, and you want it to blend with the rest of the decor in the restaurant or cafe. Also you don't want an over complicated design as people from all walks of life will want to use the cafe chairs including children who need to be able to mount and dismount easily. Make sure that you cafe furniture is easy to clean. Your cafe tables and cafe chairs are likely to be used by a wide range of people and keeping it clean is hugely important. This is particularly applicable to hospitality furniture where the chairs and tables need to be cleaned regularly.

A surprising number of germs and viruses can be spread through dirty cafe furniture. Comfort is another factor that affects your cafes success. This is fairly self-explanatory, but you want to have cafe furniture that is ergonomic as the people that will be seated in the bistro chairs will be of different sizes and shapes , so having furniture that will accommodate this is important. Finally you need to make sure that your furniture is robust and will last a long time, meaning that it is cost effective and is safe for all users.

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