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Buddha Bowls - What are they?

The Buddha bowl, which is sometimes referred to as a protein bowl, is incredibly popular at the moment. Just tweet it, or browse Instagram and you will see plenty of images, all showing this nutritious and colourful bowl of food. Even food bloggers are in on the act now, writing about this exciting and new way to cook and eat healthy food. But, what exactly is a Buddha bowl? How is it different from a bowl filled with salad? Below we'll explain everything there is to know about the Buddha bowl.

The balanced meal in a bowl - The idea behind the Buddha bowl is that it is quick and easy to make, to eat, and provides a balanced meal in just one bowl. The Buddha part simply means fulfilling and full, just like the Buddha's belly. It's a healthy way to eat. The Buddha bowl tends to be made from grains, such as brown rice, a variety of vegetables, that can be raw or cooked; healthy fat, such as an avocado, and then a healthy protein such as eggs. To finish, some leafy greens should be added. It really is a nutritious bowl of food.

How to make a Buddha bowl - You need to begin with a medium sized bowl. To make the dish appear even more tempting, choose an attractive bowl that catches the eye. Then, you need to add the bottom layer, and this is usually lettuce, watercress or spinach leaves. On top of the leaves place your choice of grain, so for example, brown rice or couscous. Then add some colourful protein such as eggs, chicken or chickpeas. Finally, you can top with those good fats, like nuts, tuna or hummus.

Try a Buddha bowl recipe today - Try and make a simple Buddha bowl that is incredibly tasty. Layer the bowl with salad leaves and pea shoots. Then add heaps of black rice combined with garden peas. Then, top with chickpeas and carrots that have been steeped in spices overnight. What you'll get is a nutritious taste sensation in a bowl.

The adaptable bowl - The true beauty of the Buddha bowl is that we can all eat them, no matter what our dietary requirements or choice of foods. The Buddha bowl can be competently organic, vegan or dairy free. It can be a vegetarian meal. It can be adapted to suit everyone and your type of cafe or restaurant.

Naturally, we tend to focus on the interiors of our eateries in terms of the style of dining tables and dining chairs, but you could even make your own signature Buddha dish. People will love it, as it's simple and attractive, yet a healthy bowl of food. 


Posted by: Josh Seddon

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