Britain's largest Restaurant Opens in Bristol

The restaurant is an all you can eat buffet style restaurant serving food from across the globe, from Chinese cuisine to Tex-Mex, from Great British classics to Vietnamese dining. The restaurant does not have the usual restaurant furniture, such as a single cafe table with four cafe chairs, but tables up to 30 feet long with benches that can seat up to 30 people with 15 people down each side, making it ideal for large parties and also promotes social ability among diners. There are also smaller tables with few dining chairs available so there is something for everyone.

The area not only caters for diners but also has a separate bar, which adds to the street concept that Nitin Bhatnagar is trying to create. Nitin Bhatnagar found his trade by working at the famous Taj Mahal restaurant in Mumbai ?If you go to Bangkok or Singapore, you will find night markets with people selling delicious things, vying for your business, trying to get you to taste their food. This is the atmosphere that we are trying to create. Maybe you will try a satay here, something from the barbecue there - whatever catches your eye. You meet friends or your family. You have a beer, then go back for something more to eat. We are creating the ambience of the streets. We are getting the outside inside - making a great place for our customers to explore.? The restaurant employs 120 staff and who have their work cut out. 80 percent of the food will be prepared and cooked fresh in front of your eyes and a meal will cost £12.99 during the week and £15.99 at the weekend, bringing you quality food at an affordable price. This is just the first of a chain of 8 that plan to open in the next couple of years and will bring over 1000 jobs across the country.

Posted by: Cafe Reality

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