Bird's Nest Cafe: Twister Cafe

When you think of a nest, when I say this I mean bird's nests, I am pretty sure that you wouldn't think of a cafe. There is a designer who has and newly opened this year is a cafe based on it in Kiev Ukraine. Designer Sergey Makhno created the cafe called Twister is based on a nest in a rainy tree. The cafe is unique right down to the cafe furniture. The sofas and armchairs present although look uncomfortable due to the odd pyramid style texture, are actually very comfy and helps to give the impression of a cosy birds nest.

To further enhance the look of the restaurant the walls have been covered in sticks which give an impression of the interior of a nest. The restaurant also has a bar area as well with bar furniture, much like the restaurant furniture has been made to suit the rest of the cafes look and appeal.

The restaurant is on two levels with the second level having separate pod like areas that you can dine in that is supposed to represent ponds and lakes that further add to this cafe and restaurants unique design. Just above this are the lights that have been shaped like drops to represent the rain that is falling from the sky. The colours have all been chosen to help the diner feel more relaxed whilst seated in the restaurant where as the bar has little natural light which also emphasizes the feeling of a cosy surrounding.

Posted by: Cafe Reality

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