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Bats flying above Carthy Circle Restaurant

General Info October 30th 2017
Bats flying above Carthy Circle Restaurant

Bats flying around an eating establishment may not sound particularly attractive at most times of the year. However, when it's Halloween and the restaurant is within Disneyland, then it is a sure sign of fun and smiles, not a cause for panic.

For the first time in its history, the California theme park is going all out to create spectacular special effects around the Carthy Circle Restaurant. This will feature a swarm of bats coiled around its prominent tower that look both realistic and impressive.

How Disney does Halloween -This is all part of huge Halloween celebrations throughout the two Californian parks, that include spooky music over the tannoy, ghostly jokes on signage and displays, special features in the iconic shows and characters in special festive costumes.

Autumnal foliage and pumpkins are everywhere. The centre piece is the gigantic Mickey head created from pumpkins in the middle of Main Street.

In fact, orange and black are liberally used throughout the theme park, from the sprinkles on ice creams and pumpkin shaped bread rolls, to Halloween donuts.

There is also abundant use of “blood” coloured food to keep the theme across the park, including red velvet cake, meatballs and other appropriate delicacies.

In the bat bedecked Carthy Circle Restaurant, the specials of the day will include “Poison Apple-Tini” consisting of Crown Royal Apple, Dekuyper and Cranberry Juice. The drink is finished off with a Green Poison Apple Glow Cube.

This sort of festive fun sells. Tickets for Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland sell out completely, well in advance. Limited edition popcorn buckets and drink cups also “fly out” during Halloween.

As it is so popular and lucrative, the festivities start early at Disneyland. The decorations - including those bats around Carthy Circle Restaurant – were all in place for 15th September.

UK restaurants and Halloween - The UK is fast taking on the love of all things Halloween and increasingly restaurants and cafes this side of the Atlantic are putting out the decorations and organising special events. This includes pumpkin carving and craft sessions and special Halloween themed menus.

The British have tended to view this time of year as a more “Gothic” scare-fest. However, the hospitality industry is steering more towards family-friendly theming, including the use of teal coloured pumpkins to show food is available for kids with allergies.

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