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Batman’s favourite restaurant: grotty to grotto

News August 11th 2017
Batman's favourite restaurant: grotty to grotto

Set in a seaside cave with breathtaking views over the Adriatic and to the stunning cliffs around, this restaurant offers astounding views at any time of year and, of course, an atmosphere to die for. But if your restaurant is on the grotty side, how can you capture some of that grotto magic for your own bar, cafe or restaurant?

Be clear on your concept

Let's say you want to create a Batman-themed restaurant without having a bat cave. You could instead take your design cues from the industrial and gadget-heavy atmosphere of the movies and connect it up to your menu, food and beverages to create a coherent story. One of the reasons the Grotta Palazzese works so well is that the diner is surrounded by the fundamental elements of sea, rock and sky, creating a direct emotional connection. Get that right in your concept storytelling and you'll create instant atmosphere.

Appeal to the senses

From the intensity of your lighting to the feel of your napkins, tablecloths and cutlery everything helps to appeal to the senses and create the right atmosphere for your restaurant. Sound design can be equally important: will you be hosting sports events, having DJ evenings or do you want to invite the hubbub of conversation? And don't forget the appeal of colour. You may not have the blue of an Italian sky to look out on, but colour psychology can be equally important indoors.

Chique bar furniture pulls the scheme together

The Grotta Palazzese works with simple shapes and textures like metal and rattan to create a chic atmosphere that works in harmony with those amazing views. Think carefully about the way that your restaurant furniture works to support your concept in terms of shapes, upholstery and colours. Do your restaurant tables and chairs enhance the space or dominate it? Do you intend to cater for small groups or big parties? Making the right decisions on design and quality is the smart way to turn your restaurant from grotty to grotto.


If you can break out of your space and bring the outdoors indoors, then you'll capture some of that grotto magic. Look for restaurant furniture for sale that works equally well indoors and outdoors with materials that will stand up to the elements. At, we supply high-quality restaurant furniture that will take your concept from chic to unique. Contact a member of our design team who will be able to help plan your grotto.

Image credits: Luxe Adventure Traveler

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