Bar furniture with an icy twist

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When a special ice bar opened in Dubai it caught the creative attention of many cafe furniture suppliers and struck a chord with everyone who wanted to enjoy a different type of bar experience.

Sharaf Group decided to launch a bistro bar which was entirely made of ice maintained in a sub-zero environment. The bistro includes solid ice walls and cafe furniture such as tables and chairs which are made from solid ice. Stepping into the bar sees customers provided with their own personal glass made of ice.

The Dubai ice lounge is the first of its kind and acts as a bar and bistro to its customers, serving selection of salads and cold sandwiches as well as some interesting drinks with exciting names. The whole ice bar has a capacity for 45 people which is not just down to the space available, but the fact that collective body temperatures produced by a larger crowd would begin to melt the entire bar!

Whilst we do not supply bistro furniture, we have for your restaurant, we have every other type of classic and trendy furniture for your restaurant, bistro or bar. At Cafe Reality we provide a large product catalogue, from standard bistro furniture to exciting and colourful height-adjusted restaurant furniture. We are happy to help with any query.

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