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Amazon Alexa asks Gordon Ramsey!

The Amazon Alexa has taken the tech industry by storm. We have all seen the adverts whereby people ask the cloud-based voice service to do everything from checking the weather and setting alarms to making calls and playing music. However, it seems that Alexa’s functionality is improving by the day, and you can now get your little tech friend to put you in touch with Gordon Ramsey. If you love watching Hell’s Kitchen and you would like Mr Ramsey to give you aggressive X-rated feedback about your cooking, this is now possible thanks to Amazon Alexa.

So, what is this new feature all about and how do you use it? It is really simple. All you need to do is say ‘enable Gordon Ramsay’, and your own Alexa will do all of the hard work for you. You will receive a four-letter littered critique of the food you have made. All you need to do is tell Mr Ramsay what dish you have created, and then get ready for him to tell you just how disgusting your spaghetti Bolognese is or how your chicken curry is a disgrace to Asian cuisine.

You will want to make sure you don’t have the kids around when you enable Gordon Ramsay on your Alexa. As you may expect, every piece of ‘feedback’ comes with a swear word. Be prepared to be referred to as a ‘f**king doughnut’ and told that you have just set your smoke alarm off.

The move to Alexa seems a natural progression for Ramsay who has already been capitalising on the fact that people want feedback on the meals they have created. A recent Twitter trend has seen people send pictures of their food to the famous chef, asking for his opinion. Some of the replies have been hilarious, and it seems that Amazon was only too happy to capitalise on this.

So there you have it: 2018 is the year whereby people will actively be choosing to have a famous celebrity shout at them and tell them how crap their food is. If you are ready for one of Ramsey’s trademark tirades, you no longer need to apply for one of his shows. Simply enable Gordon Ramsey on your Alexa and get ready for the hurricane that is going to come your way. ‘How can you do this to food and f**king sleep at night?’

On the upside, if you are looking to refurbish your cafe, pub or bar space then  give us a call and we will be more than happy to help visualise your space or provide cafe table and cafe chair advise and we promise not to swear!

Posted by: Josh Seddon

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