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Abu Dhabi - the gift that keeps on giving…

On the odd occasion I hit what’s called the ‘writer’s wall’, I can’t jump over it, I can’t go under it. So I head over to Google where Mr Cutt’s and friends help me run through it (I hope Panda 4.2 likes today’s article).

On more than one instance, Abu Dhabi has given me the inspiration required to create an article for you guys to enjoy. Today is no exception.

The UAE is recognised as a ground breaking destination for world firsts. With the world’s fastest roller coaster, the Formula Rossa, part of the neighbouring Ferrari World experience, ROGO’S offers a spectacular culinary experience for fun-loving diners looking for a new and exciting dining adventure.

Located in one of the many luxury shopping malls in Abu Dhabi, ROGO’s have created a trend that will take the dining experience to a whole new level (literally). A fleet of 30 individual rollercoaster tracks deliver food, drinks and tabs straight to the customer’s table without any human contact.


·         Sealed containers travel along a network of double loops, spirals and turns that is spread out through the 14,000-square foot restaurant at Yas Mall, on the man-made Yas Island.

·         Customers place their orders on tablet computers and then sit back and wait for their meals, which are served in pots, to race along the track.

·         The highlight of the 360-seat restaurant is a gargantuan tornado-shaped spiral that gets narrower from top to bottom.

Roller Coaster Dining Experience Abu Dhabi

UAE Roller Coaster Restaurant

Jessica Wadih Al-Absi, chairman and chief executive of JWA Group, the restaurant’s operator, told Gulf Business: ‘Each table has its own individually designed rollercoaster track and a unique silent delivery system that thrills diners as they get to watch their food make a gravity-defying 360-degree journey to their table.

‘Our technology makes dining fun as it transports both cold and hot food and drinks along the multi-spiral, double loop and tornado tracks.’

She added: ‘Each dish is presented in individual pots, making it a real journey of discovery from start to finish, and one that we know will resonate with children and fun-loving adults alike.’

This must path the way for the robot restaurants surely, oh wait… That has been done already.

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