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A Day in the Life of a Café Owner.

News June 18th 2014

5am- BRING BRING BRING!! Well that’s the end of that wonderful dream I was just partaking in. I swear if I had two more minutes I would of slayed that dragon and ran away with the princess. Hey ho, its 5am and time to get ready. I need to be in the café for 6. If I’m late then my locals will go off their rockers. My day starts with a nice walk into the town; it’s a lovely walk in the summer. I love hearing the sound of the sea crashing against the wall. It's not too great in the winter though, the sea crashes over the wall and soaks me wet through before I’ve even started my day.

6am- Finally, I make my way into work, open the doors and begin preparation for the day ahead. I start my day by switching all my amenities on (coffee machine, lights and till etc). Next on the agenda is to organise and set the café tables and place the café chairs, this usually takes a while as I am a perfectionist which I believe you have to be in this line of work. It’s a race to get everything ready before the morning siege happens. I do most of my food preparation the night before to give me a bit of a head start.

A Day in the Life of a Café Owner. image 1

7am- I open the doors to what I can only describe as zombie looking figures, craving their morning coffee. They enter like zombies and leave feeling revitalised for the day ahead (well that’s what I hope anyway). I like to have a chat to my customers to see how their night has been and talk about current happenings in our world. When the morning rush is in full flow, things can get a bit stressful. I find myself running round like a headless chicken trying to get breakfast out to the hungry customers making sure my new member of staff is not charging 35p for a breakfast coffee combo. I thrive on the buzz.

9am - And breathe. The madness of the morning rush is over and it's time to prepare for lunch. The lunch time rush is a lot less stressful because customers aren't in a rush to work and instead have the time to relax and enjoy their lunch. Food’s prepared, till has been filled with change... Time for a quick coffee with the newbie before the intake begins.

12 noon- The customers begin to enter in their droves and we are off, contending with SEIGE 2. Many customers during lunch will only want sandwiches and baguettes which isn’t too bad. I’ve prepared all of them this morning. Sometimes, just sometimes, I get a 15 minute break to eat myself but not very often does that happen. There will always be something to do. If the wind gets up, you may find some of my outdoor furniture racing cars down the high street.

3pm- With lunch over, it's time to clean up and begin to prep everything for the next day. I’ll clean every inch of the café to make sure it’s in pristine condition for the morning. I do a quick stock count and begin cashing up. After all my main duties are done, I will reflect on the day and dream about improvements I would love to make to the cafe.

5.30pm- The day is over and evening is drawing in. I lock the doors and return to my humble abode and as I swap my shoes for slippers I can only smile and think "I wouldn't change any of it for the world".

A Day in the Life of a Café Owner. image 2

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