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5 timeless decor styles your customers will love

General Info September 17th 2018
5 timeless decor styles your customers will love

When it comes to dining and drinks, from coffee shops to modern cafes, the style you decide on for your property can make all the difference to the types of customers you attract - and have a direct impact on how impressed they are with the atmosphere, style and tone that you set. Great food and delicious drinks are only a small part of the dining out experience, after all. So here are just a few timeless decor styles you can opt for to enhance the experience:

Minimalist Modern - If you're looking for a style that matches perfectly with a modern, style-focused menu, then opting for minimalist decor can be the perfect style choice. Characterised by whites and blacks, with an occasional pop of colour, this style will be sure to impress customers and keep them coming back for more.

Cosy Country - For family-run cafes or home-from-home coffee shops, the cosy country style is perfect for a touch of nostalgia. With warm wood tones and a lived-in feel, for those who are a fan of the more rustic look, this style is perfect. Providing a comfortable alternative to modern style for those who prefer relaxation and country charm, combining this style with a classic rustic menu is the ideal solution for families and couples. We recommend our Church dining table and dining chair family to create the cosy country feel.

Retro Rock n' Roll - Who doesn't love a bit of retro now and again? Going 50s when it comes to your restaurant decor doesn't just add that bit more fun to your customer's meal out - it also provides the perfect basis for a retro diner-style menu, which is beloved by many. Utilising chromes, whites, pinks and reds, as well as some on-trend music, this style isn't one for the faint-hearted but certainly makes an impact.

Affordable Luxury - Metallic tones, contemporary style and luxurious furnishings can transform any restaurant or coffee shop from basic to beautiful. Everyone loves to partake in a bit of luxury every now and again, and a location that can promote that grown-up atmosphere in combination with gourmet foods can allow your customers to indulge a little.

Parisian Chic - Think bistro with simple yet stunning Parisian design elements. Combining the simplicity of a minimalist style with the chic touches of a French cafe, creating the perfect atmosphere for enjoying cafe au lait and pain au chocolate in style is far easier than you'd think. Consider outdoor seating for that extra French twist.

What style do you have in mind for your establishment? If you're looking to set the right tone, Café Reality provide a design service and furniture solutions that will fit with your vision. If you would like help with your space, then speak with a member of our team who will be able to help.

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