3 Weird & Wacky Cafés Around the Globe.

Today, I thought I’d delve into the somewhat unknown world of the weird café ideas that seem to trending worldwide now more than ever.  Some may put it down to the technological advances in recent years, but these weird cafés definitely do not fall into that bracket…

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium aka The Cat Café – London

Whilst you relax, drinking a coffee or indulging into your favourite cake, you will enjoy the company of the Cat Café’s purring feline friends.  I love cats, don’t get me wrong, but drawing from my own experiences with cats it definitely isn’t for me.  When relaxing reading the morning paper, my cat would jump on my paper without warning and wag her tail in my face. So, baring that in mind, I think a trip to a cat café may end up very messy experience.

House of Poo aka the Toilet Themed Café - Beijing

This is probably my favourite out of the three. The restaurant itself is equipped to resemble a bathroom, with showers attached to the walls and seats that look like toilet bowls.  Even the cushions are shaped as large piles of poo!  I can only hope that these toilets are all new and have never been used (please note these toilets have not been provided by our very own Armitage Shanks and cannot be purchased online).  So if you ever visit Beijing, be sure to dine at the House of Poo and try their special 'super constipation black dry s*** ice cream’.

Groom of the stool: Waiters serve patients at seats that are adorned with poo-shaped cushions

Cabbages and Condoms – Bangkok

So, why the bizarre name? It’s simple; the owner believes that “birth control should be as accessible and as easy to buy as vegetables in the market”!  The restaurant uses jokes and fun visuals to overcome reluctance to discuss issues such as sex, family planning, and HIV/AIDS.  With over 50 pages of Thai food on the menu, you will definitely find something to satisfy your palette. The funny thing is, after paying your bill you will receive change, receipt and a CONDOM!! The décor is one of a kind, having condoms all over the café chairs and café tables but the manikins are where the true masterpieces are, as you can see below.


Planning a holiday anytime soon?? If any of these cafes are around your destination be sure to visit and let us know how it goes.

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