Where's Olly? Easter Competition 2018

Where's Olly? 

Well, it looks like he has gone AWOL and taken off, disguised as one of his favorite book characters. He has taken with him four very valuable and large chocolate eggs that need to be returned before the Easter Holidays. Olly will be giving a clue on the postcards below, of his location each day. There is, of course, a prize for finding Olly and the eggs, which happens to the Classic Ostrich Egg from Hotel Chocolat worth £80! There are four to give away to a lucky winner each day.

header chocolate competition

The Details You Need To Know

The search begins on Monday 19rd March at 9:30 am - Thursday 22nd at 5:00 pm, where Olly and the egg will be hidden daily across our four websites. On Monday Olly and the egg will be hidden somewhere on Office Reality, Tuesday will be Cafe Reality, Wednesday at Online Reality, and on Thursday will be found on Edu-Quip. Clues will be given out each day, relating to the areas of the website Olly and the egg will make an appearance. These clues can be found in our email announcements, social networks and on the postcards below, where the information will be updated daily. Good Luck!

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